Books by Susan Sargent

New Country Color Susan's first book, New Country Color, was chosen as the main selection for the Home and Gardens Book of the Month Club. It expresses Susan's design philosophy and spontaneous and unconstructed creativity. Elegant and relaxed, subtle and playful, her fresh interpretation of classical forms celebrates design and proportion. Throughout are easy-to-follow how-tos for recreating the look in your own home, practical advice on how to use color without fear, and where to find ideas.
THE COMFORT OF COLOR In The Comfort of Color, Sargent and her team make over eight houses in vibrant colors, taking their cues from the homeowners' most treasured possessions and using paint and textiles in unconventional ways. The results are zesty and invigorating. In other entertaining sections, Sargent expounds on the psychological effects of various colors. Sargent's enthusiasm and energy make her a cheery guide and potential design diva. Accordingly, she balances information on color theory and compatible hues with the welcome advice to simply have fun with color.
Colorscapes In Colorscapes, her third book, Susan explains how to create a personal color palette and presents an original approach to the often mystifying process of picking colors for your home. Each chapter features a different location and is devoted to a unique color concept. Learn how to combine colors to reflect your personality, how to manage colors to solve room challenges, and how to use mood-boards to plan well-balanced, vivid interiors. You'll see that with a little confidence, anyone can use color to create a home brimming with inspiration, serendipity, and personal style.
Colorscapes In My Far Away Grandma, Susan Sargent and Deborah Riemer have collaborated in a lively and colorful story about the special relationship between grandmothers and their beloved grandchildren in today’s world in this read-aloud book in rhyme for all those Grandmothers, Lammas, Donnas, Savtas or grandmothers by any name, who long to tuck their grandchildren in at night but live too far away to do so. Charming hand-painted images illustrate all the adventures that grandmothers share with their far away grandchildren.