Susan's World of Color (Cont.)

My color choices are guided by my strong belief that bringing the right Colors into our homes is a sure-fire way to improve our moods, creativity, and energy. (Many recent studies on Color and Healing support this belief.) My colors are lively without being overwhelming, saturated and vivid without being electric. The yellows are warm, tending towards apricot and mango. The blues have an appealing nod towards periwinkle. My signature green tilts towards lime, which makes it work beautifully with the yellows, reds and blues in the range. I believe my colors are balanced in a way that promotes a warm, comforted feeling when used throughout the home.

And while I have colors I believe in, and which I feel are for thriving, there are also colors, which I personally abhor, and find repellent! I strongIy believe living with these colors induces lethargy, boredom, lack of energy, and sadness. These include: Beige, beige, and beige!! Muddy browns! Mustard, all variations! Somber maroons, drab olives, uninteresting navy blues, and enervating dark greens. Other Environmental and Well-being misses: Kelly Green, acid lemon, flat brownish pinks, brownish institutional greens, sharp purples and oranges, screaming pinks, dispirited mauves, fire engine reds, and brown, beige, and brown!

As my products and color vision spread, I found confirmation of my own obsession. Many customers found what they wanted in my color palette, and began to develop their own abilities to enliven their homes with the addition of Color. My Color Workshops, day-long events, help women explore their own color tendencies, find which colors speak to them, and go home with new skills to create and personalize their own environments.

My three books further explore the use of warm and friendly colors in the home New Country Color lays out my philosophy; with a range of photos of interiors I created—often on a very small budget. The Comfort Of Color takes my range of furnishing fabrics, paints, wallpaper, rugs and decorative accessories and shows makeovers of eight different-style homes. Colorscapes broadens the message, showing a range of interiors both sophisticated and enlivening.

I am currently involved with an exciting project to develop interesting and colorful fabrics and patterns for the Health Care industry, where it is more and more understood that Color, along with glimpses of the natural world, can promote better healing in hospitals, convalescent centers, senior homes, and other living facilities for health or aging. There is certainly nowhere to go but UP, on that front, as anyone who has been in an ER lately can attest. Let us hopefully banish beige, sickly pinks, insipid yellows and dim greens, from our hospitals and centers, forever!