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The Susan Sargent studio produces original woven tapestries and mixed-media paintings. Other specialties include interior design, garden inspiration and planning, and custom product design work in many categories.


Three books on Colorful Home design expanded Susan’s identity as a Color Guru. The books showcase her design philosophy through colorful interiors in a range of different types of homes, and for a range of budgets. Helpful advice serves to guide those on a path to a more colorful house.

World of Color

Susan’s distinctive palette has been applied to a wide range of products, some produced by my company and some through licenses with a variety of others. Most notably rugs, decorative pillows and home furnishing fabrics, designed around a coordinated color palette.











A lifelong gardener and devotee of trees, the colors of plants and flowers have always been the inspiration for the vibrant colors of her textiles.

Colorful Interiors

Building an Idea Board at the start of a project is a good way to get a cohesive room plan underway. With paint and fabric swatches, color references, and other ideas we can visualize the end result.

Susan Sargent

Susan is a textile artist, trained in Sweden and based in New England. Her current mediums are woven tapestries, gouache paintings, and colorful gardens.